If a picture is worth a thousand words then a 3D model is worth ten thousand and an animated 3D model a hundred thousand.

3D data can now be embedded into PDF files.

Adobe have recently released a new version of Acrobat Reader, this is the software that allows access to the very popular PDF format. This new viewer can have 3D models embedded within it, these 3D models can be  rotated, panned and zoomed. Even more exciting; models and assemblies can be animated prior to publishing.

These PDF files could be made available to Customers, Sales people, Service departments, Suppliers ...

During new product development 3D animated concepts will be able to be shared with the project team, there is even the ability to mark up these PDF files.


Distribution methods
Web site
CD-Rom Catalogues
Trade shows, self running demos
A/V Presentation support
USB Memory stick

Supplier/Manufacturing liason
Drawings and models in one format
Explains assembly procedure
Mark-up facility to resolve issues
Better understanding = More accurate quotations

Service manuals
Sales Training
Presentation of concepts
Instructions for use
Assembly instructions 

Your existing 3D CAD data can be quickly converted into PDF format making Acrobat 3D data distribution a cost effective way to communicate with your customers, suppliers, and team members. 

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Below are some examples. You will need to have version 7.0.7 (or later) to view the 3D content.
Product assembly instructions

A simple animation showing how a self-assembly furniture pack could be constructed..

This file is 0.7MB.


Abode -  Designer Tap

A movable 3D model that shows the form of the tap. The simple animation shows how the spout moves and how the handle operates.

This file is only 0.7MB.

Medical Retractor

A complex animation showing how a number of components fit together and then showing how the instrument works.

This file is 1.0MB.

Water bottle

It looks like an ordinary engineering drawing. Click on the thumbnail in the bottom right and rotate, pan and zoom on a 3D CAD model. Perfect for non-technical people to understand the product.

This file is 1.0MB.

Further examples and information.