Concept Generation
Core skills in developing innovative solutions. Can facilitate or participate in brainstorming sessions. Concepts presented with clear sketches prior to 3D modelling.

Design for Manufacture 
The quality of a product is often the result of good design for manufacture, liaison with the component manufacturer is vital.

Project Management 
All levels of of assistance can be provided; from targeted tasks to complete project management.

2D Drafting 
Fully conversant with ISO 9001, BS8888, GD&T tolerancing and stack-up analysis.

3D Modelling/Rendering
Fully licensed seat of Seimens NX2 to NX8.5 and Solidworks 2018 - Professional with Visualize and Simulation.
CAD models can be rendered to produce photo-realistic images.

Animation and Technical Illustration
3D models and animations can now be embedded into a standard PDF format. A fantastic communication method for demonstrating concepts and promoting products.
See examples here.

Gary Fenton's CV can be downloaded here